Emeryville Dental Care Response to Yelp.com

Emeryville Dental Care’s Response to Yelp.com

Yelp.com is a JOKE!
They’ve only posted the (-) comments and have deleted all the (+) comments, which are twice more than the (-) comments.
Then, they have the audacity to extort money from our company by asking us to pay $100 a month to have each of these (-) comments removed.
Okay, never mind the (-) comments, just let us say our side of the story. There are always two sides to every story, right? We did post our rebuttals. BUT it was conveniently removed by some Yelp.com “workers”.
There is a “commentor”, named Irene Shen (aka: Ishen or IreneS), who is NOT even a patient of ours. She claimed that her then fiance overspent his money at our office and had all these ridiculous fees. Truth be told. Her fiance had been our patient for years and was very satisfied with our service, until he wanted to get married to this lady. Albeit, he spent part of their wedding money to get his teeth fixed and had to save face by telling her he didn’t understand the charges. Not only that, she (or he) kept our insurance check that was suppose to go to our office, and of course, if you don’t pay your bill, you will be charged billing charges and/ or finance charges.She has over 400 comments on this Yelp.com site, so she is either working for Yelp.com or has nothing better to do than to be on the computer all day chatting about other people & their businesses (that is a personal ticking time bomb problem in itself). I think she works for them and is one of the forces that has removed all of our (+) comments and has probably added some more (-) ones of her own . What do you think?
When we have our happy satisfied patients coming into our office, we have asked some of them, if they have time, to post comments on this Yelp.com website. (Seems futile, but  we hear from patients that those positive comments are being removed anyway by the Yelp workers.) It’s not our favorite pastime, but we felt a little compulsion to have some real patients fire back at this distorted view of our company.
It’s also not good for people to write about information that are not facts. You want to be a reporter? Make sure you get your information and facts straight, and not just write to be malicious because you’re mad that you have cavities and you have a bill saying you have to pay for it.
Yelp is not a credible and is not a responsible site, since they don’t investigate facts  and they don’t present the other side of the story, and are happily getting paid millions of dollars for having a forum for people who can say whatever they want, credible or not.
The point is, Please Find other websites to find real comments about our company.
In the meantime, we’ll have to get and find those patient’s with (+) comments and post it back on this site.
Thank you,
Emeryville Dental Care Team
update: see also https://emeryvilledentalcareteam.wordpress.com/2008/12/18/response-to-james-s-of-yelpcom/?preview=true&preview_id=156&preview_nonce=b765fb48ad

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